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About Us

Thrive Paradigm has been working to advance equity in the youth development field since 2011, formerly as Development Without Limits West. We focus on equipping youth-serving organizations and nonprofits with the supports to build their equity strategy through technical assistance, strategic advising, staff training and leadership coaching. With our vast expertise in both equity and youth development, we are uniquely positioned to provide thought-partnership and support to organizations looking to begin or deepen their equity work.

Our Approach

With a strong commitment to social justice, we aim to create long-term and meaningful impact. This means implementing a comprehensive approach that addresses all levels—people, practices, and policies.

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Centering organizational work with people helps to address changes in mindset and fosters consciousness raising, which are a critical for systems change work. The level of equity analysis and lens that individuals possess inherently informs the policies and practices they create and implement.


Equity-driven practices at a program level ensure that direct service staff implement practices, programming, and curricula that effectively address inequities while also making sure that young people have their identities affirmed and are given the skills to counter marginalization and systemic oppression.


Success in advancing equity is largely dependent upon the implementation of organizational policies and practices grounded in equity—across the entire system. This requires examining and addressing root causes of issues that directly and indirectly impact the populations served and employed.

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